Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Shoes Review 2019

If there is one thing you need to remember, remember this: never skimp out on your hiking shoes. Shoes which don’t fit perfectly or the shoes who are not comfortable enough should never be worn on a hiking trip. Hiking trips are intense and with a shoe that is not comfortable, they become almost impossible to complete. Columbia has a great reputation and is typically both comfortable and sturdy.

Features of the Columbia Newton Ridge II Hiking Shoes

What makes or breaks hiking shoes? The overall construction and design! Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus II is made from a combination of leather and synthetic fiber with a durable mesh tongue. The leather used on these shoes is coated with PU to make it last long in the wilderness and mesh keeps these shoes light and easy on the feet.

The grip is another factor when it comes to hiking shoes. Fortunately, Columbia has focused on grip. The Newton Ridge Plus II has what Columbia calls the Omni-Grip technology. This technology makes the shoes more “grippy” than your average hiking shoes. Hiking shoes should be grippy as you don’t want to slip on a steep trail. Omni-Grip ensures Newton Ridge Plus II performs well on slopes and rocks.



Aside from being grippy, these shoes are also comfortable to wear on long hiking trips. Columbia’s Techlite lightweight midsole is technically solid. The midsole makes the shoes a joy to use on rough tracks and uneven terrain. It absorbs impacts, provides much needed cushioning, and helps you to preserve much needed energy for a successful hiking trip.

The Newton Ridge Plus II is also adjustable. The lace-up enclosure ensures that you get a perfectly comfortable fit.

All of these features are wrapped in a body that is not much bigger and wider than regular shoes. These shoes are lightweight and sizing is generally the same as regular shoes, the Columbia Newton Ridge II is generally a comfortable fitting hiking shoe .

The Newton Ridge Plus II is available in a whole host of size and color options at an average starting price of less than a $100.

Pros and Cons of the Columbia Newton Ridge II


  • Techlite midsole provides cushioning to preserve energy
  • Adjustable enclosure
  • Great grip thanks to Omni-grip
  • Lightweight construction
  • True to life sizes and a variety of color options
  • Excellent value


  • Waterproofing is more water resistant
  • Sole grip may wear quicker than higher end shoes

All in all, if you are looking for comfortable hiking shoes and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Newton Ridge Plus II is an excellent purchase that checks a lot of hiking boxes.