Garmin Montana 680 Hiking GPS Review 2019

Garmin is no stranger to making awesome devices that perform like you expect them to. Its Montana 680 GPS receivers combine Garmin’s expertise in making navigation equipment with modern usability enhancements like a color, display, and a camera. These features are what makes or, if their execution is flawed, break this device.

Features of the Garmin Montana 680 Touchscreen Hiking GPS

The main standout feature of the Garmin Montana 680 is its display. The display on this device is a 4-inch colored panel that is also a touchscreen. The dual oriented touchscreen is a standout feature for several reasons the biggest of which is the ability to navigate the UI intuitively. The color display is also big enough to efficiently display maps, location information and such.

In addition to the touchscreen, there is an 8MP rear-facing camera which allows you to take high-resolution photos. These photos aren’t only high resolution but are also geotagged meaning they contain location information. So you will always know when and where was a picture taken.

The main, navigation oriented features include a 3-axis compass with the ability to compensate tilt. The inclusion of a 3-axis compass is essential for giving accurate directions which, as you can already tell, is pretty important for any good GPS. Throw in a Barometer and altimeter and you have a device that not only shows you where to go but can also tell you about the weather and altitude.

Speaking of where to go, Garmin Montana 680 comes with 250,000 preloaded worldwide geocaches. And if you need a geocache of a place which isn’t preloaded, you can transfer GPX files straight to your device without having to enter the coordinates and manual paper printouts. Through the use of these GPX files Montana 680 displays relevant information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints, and descriptions.

When it comes to location accuracy, Montana 680 uses a combination of WASS receiver with the support for both GPS and GLONASS to quickly and accurately lock on to your position. It also uses HotFix satellite prediction to keep your device connected no matter the conditions.

All of this tech is packed in a body that is both sturdy and waterproof. Montana 680 costs somewhere between $400 and $500.


  • 4-inch touchscreen display makes navigating the UI a breeze
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • 250,000 preloaded geocaches are a bonus
  • GLONASS support is a huge plus
  • 3-axis compass is useful for following directions
  • A quick and accurate position information


  • Battery life about 16 hours
  • Although high resolution, clarity could be better

Garmin Montana 680 is packed to the ceiling with amazing stuff. It is a bit pricy but has everything you may need.