KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe Review 2019

Hiking shoes should be performant. They should be comfortable to wear yet tough enough to survive the wilderness. They should be lightweight yet provide amazing grip. All of these are features that are covered when it comes to hiking shoes. KEEN thinks their shoe delivers on each one of these.

Features of the Keen Mens Targhee Hiking Shoe

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe is made from Nubuck Leather. The use of Nubuck leather ensures that the shoe is extremely tough and can withstand whatever you throw at it.

Talking about being tough, the Targhee II is also waterproof thanks to the same Nubuck leather we mentioned earlier. Waterproofing is a big deal when it comes to outdoor shoes and seeing KEEN tackle this problem by using leather instead of some cheap, synthetic fiber is good to see. As an added bonus the use of leather instead of a synthetic fiber also makes the upper membrane breathable.

KEEN calls their Targhee II “Four-Wheel-Drive Performance For Your Feet” and we think they might be right here. The Targhee II contains a Torsion stability ESS shank for stability on uneven terrain. There is also an easy-on heel pull making the shoe easy to wear.

Padded tongue and collar provide much-needed protection against impacts. The inclusion of these features makes these shoes worthy companions on any rough hiking trip.

The design of the Targhee II is also very ergonomic. Molded according to the shape and contours of a human foot, the Targhee II fits exceptionally well. This quality fit also helps in making the shoe stick to the sole of your feet which is important when you take stability and support in an account.

Ample traction on hiking trails is crucial. Losing traction on a steep trail or on a slippery wilderness track can be devastating for you as a hiker. KEEN ensures that their Targhee II shoe and its aggressive lug pattern keeps you on your toes, literally. This aggressive lug pattern bites into the track and provides traction and grip no matter the condition.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II is available in a total of 4 colors, for a variety of sizes. It starts at an average price of less than $150.


  • Excellent design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Waterproof and breathable Nubuck leather upper
  • Padded tongue and collar for added protection against impacts
  • Mid-cut height provides ankle support
  • Aggressive lug pattern provides ample traction
  • The rubber sole makes it comfortable to walk in


  • Price is a little steep, considering the competition
  • Actual sizes are a bit smaller than advertised

At the end of the day if you want a pair of comfortable hiking shoes that are serious hiking shoes, Keen Targhee II are an excellent choice.