Kelty Late Start 2 Person Backpacking Tent Review 2019

Kelty Late Start tent

Kelty Late Start 2 Person Backpacking Tent is an updated version of the hugely popular Kelty Sallida Tent. Kelty claims this tent not only inherited all of the qualities of the former but also improved upon them. Let us put Kelty’s claim to the test.

Features of the Kelty Backpacking Tent

First things first, the biggest selling point of this tent has got to be its quick and easy assembly. Just look at the name, Kelty Late Start, as if Kelty wants us to know who is this tent for. For someone who starts everything late and can’t waste anytime setting up the tent. Almost everything else in this tent is there to compliment this promise of a speedy setup.

Kelty also includes a way to hold the corner legs of the tent in place when you are setting up the other corner. They call it The Quick Corner Technology. Like we said before, everything about this tent is there to make the setup as fast as possible. The Quick Corner Technology ensures that you don’t have to perform an action twice.


Kelty Late Start

Aside from the quick setup, the tent itself is pretty roomy. The pre-bent poles that Kelty includes make sure that you have enough room to comfortably spend the night. This extra amount of room has given this tent the ability to provide shelter to 2 persons at a time. This extra room also allows Kelty to include a ceiling pocket for added internal storage.

While we are on the topic of storage, there is a fairly large vestibule ready to store anything you like. Just make sure your things are actually manageable in that 7. 85 square feet of storage space.

All of this storage space is useless if the tent itself isn’t rugged enough. Fortunately Kelty Late Start 2 Person Backpacking Tent is. The tent is made with a No-see-um mesh which is not only durable but is also fairly sturdy. There is also a full body fly to protect against rain. The floor, just like the tent, is designed to be rugged. To make the floor waterproof, Kelty used 68 denier fabric, which is water resistant up to 1800 mm.

Kelty Late Start

Kelty Late Start is priced in the mid $150 range, which we feel is justified.

Unfortunately, Kelty Late Start doesn’t come with any accessories aside from the bare essentials like Aluminum poles and a Full coverage rain fly.


  • Super fast and efficient setup
  • Large, spacious vestibule
  • No condensation build-up due to improved ventilation
  • Good Warranty
  • Roomy for 2 people
  • Rugged construction makes it a 3 season tent


  • Only comes in 1 color
  • slightly heavier due to the robustness

So this was our take on the Kelty Late Start 2 Person Backpacking Tent. It is a solid and robust tent for the price that is really easy to set up, you are not going to regret your purchase. Kelty is a proven brand.

This tent only has about 5 reviews as of writing on Amazon but it is a new replacement tent for the Kelty Salida so is quite new. The review average is 4.75 which is an excellent rating at this point.