Outdoorsman Lab Mummy Hiking Sleeping Bag Review 2019

Entry level sleeping bags serve to facilitate new users who have no idea what to choose and what to avoid. These bags are often cheap and as such carry the risk of being mediocre. Outdoorsman Lab Mummy Sleeping Bag aims to be cheap but not mediocre. Have they managed to that? Well, let us for ourselves.

Features of the Outdoorsman Lab Hiking Sleeping Bag

Starting off with the build, we have a 210T polyester fiber cover. Outdoorsman Lab says the build of their sleeping bag makes it tear resistant. The outer diamond shell is also water resistant which makes the bag perfect for use in damp conditions.

Moving on to the interior we again have a 210T polyester fiber liner providing increased warmth and softness. This increased warmth has also made the Outdoorsman Lab Mummy Sleeping Bag get an EN comfort rating of 38F and lower comfort limit of 29F. These temperature limits are a good indicator of how well the insulation works in this sleeping bag.

In addition to being comfy and warm, the sleeping bag is also roomier than most other mummy style bags. It measures 87″ x 33″ x 22″ which is a tad wider than most other bags.

Being wide doesn’t mean it sacrifices portability. The sleeping bag weighs an impressive 2.9 lbs. despite being EN rated for use in slightly colder climates. So carrying it around in your backpack will be a piece of cake.

We have stated it time and again that the one area where most bags fail is the zipper. It looks like Outdoorsman Lab has listened to us and is paying attention to this issue. The zipper is well constructed and has zipper baffles to ensure that no warmth leaks outside. The combination of the drawstring, chest baffles and the above-mentioned zipper baffles are all part of an effort to reduce as much warmth lose as possible.

To make sure that users get the most room possible, Outdoorsman Lab uses a 3D foot box. This footbox is not only roomy but is also zippered allowing you to unzip it for more room or for better temperature control.

And lastly, the bag comes with a lifetime warranty and a 90 days risk-free trial period. The sleeping bag only comes in 1 color and is priced just below $40.


  • Lightweight coming in at 2.9lbs
  • Bundled in compression sack makes it easy to carry around
  • Excellent insulation and warmth retention
  • Wider and roomier than other similarly priced sleeping bags
  • Excellent value for money


  • Stitching and velcro could be more robust

If your only aim is to get your foot into the outdoor gear landscape this entry sleeping bag will work well