TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Hiking Backpack Review 2019

Smaller backpacks are great for short duration trips. They are light, easy on the back and are relatively svelte. But when you are planning on staying a bit longer and need to bring extra stuff with you, a medium sized backpack is necessary. This is exactly the area where the TETON Sports Explorer 4000 shines. With its medium capacity, this bag looks like the one to bring on a backpacking trip.

Features of the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack

Perhaps the most important thing about a travel backpack is its construction. Because it is made for traveling, the TETON Sports Explorer 4000 needs to be well made. Made from a strong combination of various natural as well as sports grade synthetic fibers, this backpack will survive harsh conditions.

Surviving harsh conditions is one thing, but being good for storing stuff is another matter altogether. Thankfully, the Sports Explorer 4000 doesn’t disappoint. With a capacity of 65 L, this backpack will store almost everything you want. And that’s not all. It will store your things and will also keep them well organized through the use of various compartments and several pockets.

Keeping things secure and safe from any kind of damage is the responsibility of a backpack. Among the main causes of damage is water damage. To keep water at bay, pardon the bad pun, the Sports Explorer 4000 uses a built-in rain cover. This rain cover is sewn-in the bag. This not only makes the rain cover readily available whenever you need it but also keeps it tucked away whenever not in use.

No matter how awesome the features of a backpack really are, all of them fade away if it is a pain to carry around. Fortunately, TETON Sports has put some thought behind this. The Explorer 4000 has a fully adjustable torso, waist, chest, and shoulders. Being adjustable makes the backpack easy to carry around no matter the shape and size of the user.

Big irregular things like tent poles and trekking poles always present a challenge when it comes to storing them in a backpack. To tackle this problem, TETON Sports includes passing through side pockets. These pockets provide a sufficient room and a sensible place for storing awkward things safely.

Lastly, the TETON Sports Explorer 4000 comes in a whole host of color options. It retails for around $100.


  • Quite roomy coming in at 65L
  • Side mounted to pass through pockets are a huge plus
  • Multi-directional compression straps
  • Fully adjustable fit at various points making it easy to carry around
  • Excellent value for money


  • A bit at 5lbs
  • Stitching could be more robust

Overall the TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Hiking Backpack is excellent value. It provides several features that are only found on expensive backpacks.